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The Canadian Doll Artist Association encourages the work of doll artists and promotes original dolls as an art form. All doll artists who design and create dolls from their own concepts, designs or patterns are welcome regardless of their level of expertise – from beginner to the master doll maker. The idea of a Canadian association of original doll artists had been discussed many times in almost every region in Canada. Doll artists were isolated and felt a strong need to connect and share ideas with fellow artists. In 1998, a group of Canadian artists in the Ottawa area started meeting and discussing the development of a formal group. On January 1st, 1999, The Canadian Doll Artists Association (CDAA) was officially launched, with a logo and a Mission Statement;

"Dedicated to the promotion of original artist dolls as an art form and to the support of the artists who create them"

The Canadian Doll Artists Association held its first Conference in May 2000 in Ottawa. Members came from across North America – from as far away as Newfoundland, Alberta, and Texas. The Conference was a huge success with artists participating, networking and sharing ideas. A wonderful sense of camaraderie left everyone feeling energized and inspired. It was a great experience, and a fabulous success!

A set of official Bylaws was developed, and in 2002, the CDAA became incorporated as a non-profit organization. It has since been revised in 2005.

Today, the CDAA continues to grow both in its membership and in the many programs that it has to offer. Canadian doll artists are being recognized worldwide, and respected as never before.

Welcome to our site and we hope you enjoy your visit!